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Wedding Fun


On The Lighter Side...

We at Atlantic Coast Entertainment take all of our Weddings very seriously! With that being said...Past Clients, Fellow Vendors and Internet surfers have provided us with some interesting and often times funny Wedding Moments. We hope you enjoy them and if you happen upon something of interest, please forward it to us at, with your permission we will put it here for all to see. Many thanks to all who made this area possible and we wish you all,  "The Very Best", from Atlantic Coast Entertainment. If you do see something here that is yours and you want credit for it we would be happy to note that for you. If you want something removed just contact us and we will respect your right to privacy.

The funniest invitation...




Weddings...What's in a Name?

Married Women Who Will Probably Not Hyphenate Their Last Names...








A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words...

You certainly want your event to be are some pictures that may give you some ideas...then again maybe not!

We're just having a Casual Reception....

I want a cake that's that nobody else has ever had!

When studio photographers go bad!

Bride and Groom baby...

The makeup and the beer bong make this picture Priceless...

Daddy's Little Girl

The Bride and...Horse Groom?


A Funny Cake Topper

Christina Aguilera and her new Husband at their traditional Jewish Ceremony.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

With growing popularity these days brides are getting their vows tattooed on their body...
after all marriage, like tattoos, last forever...

Been waiting a long time to get married?



A VERY Affordable Wedding Reception Dinner...

A beautiful wedding gown on a little Yorkie!

Words will not do that facial expression justice...

Party Animal!

I have no idea!

Strapless wedding dresses are extremely popular these days but...
this might steer you away from releasing the doves in a strapless...

When good trains go bad!

This dress is the definition of puffy

A cute bridal dress on this puppy.

A very tall bride? Nope just the groom checking  the bustle.

Is this the longest train ever?

A true Shotgun Wedding!


One of the Maid of Honors less glorious jobs.

Those Bridal gowns can get really hot

I'm sure the photographer can crop that out!

That's a nice pear!

Why would you pose for a picture like this?

Bridal Gown made of toilet paper...yes toilet paper!

The Bride

A cake created in her own image.

Not really sure what's going on here

A Kung Fu Wedding

Brides competing on Bridzillas

No...No... I'm not mad...

She found her Mr. Right!

  A Russian Wedding



Till death do us part!

Voted best wedding DJ


Cleanest Place To Sit!

Dress for Wedding $200, New Shoes $75, Face Planting On The Dance Floor...Priceless!

Not sure if he should try out for football or the ballet next?

Be extra careful in high heels...Watch out for those loose rocks and the wind!

Murphy's Law at work.

Dad momentarily stops his daughter from going to the alter!

Don't lose your's only a wedding!

One size fits most.

What's caught behind the camera ...get posted on the internet!

Unnecessary roughness!

One determined Bride To Be!

Weddings take a lot out of you!

Having a third hand really comes in handy on your wedding day!



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