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Preserve Special Moments For Future Generations

Everyone has the need to celebrate from time to time and Atlantic Coast Entertainment can make sure you will be able to re-live those special moments for many years to come. Whatever the occasion, Atlantic Coast Entertainment  can provide you with a quality video of the event. No matter the type of event whether it be a Sweet 16, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, Anniversary, Christening, or whatever, let the team at Atlantic Coast Entertainment help preserve that special moment for a lifetime.


Bar / Bat Mitzvah

A lot of time and effort go into planning an event like a Mitzvah. Preserve the accomplishment of your son or daughter with a professional video of their special day. Photographs may capture the moment, but only a video can capture all the fun and excitement of the entire day as it happens. Atlantic Coast Entertainment will capture your Mitzvah video by being as unobtrusive as possible, using a documentary style of Videography. You choose whether to capture the full temple service, the reception or both.  We have packages for most every budget and we will work with you to create an event that will have your family and friends reminiscing for years to come. We proudly serve Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Give us a call and start planning your event coverage.

Basic Package: 1 Videographer, coverage of the ceremony and reception complete with wireless microphone, 1 personalized DVD and up to 6 hours of coverage.

Silver Package: 1 Videographer, professionally edited video of the ceremony and reception, professional titles and chapters, 1 personalized DVD with professional labeled case, up to 6 hours of coverage.

Gold Package: (Includes everything from the Silver Package plus) A baby picture photo montage of the child growing up, interviews with the family, a recap of the days highlights put to your favorite music, 2 personalized DVDs and up to 6 hours of coverage.

Platinum Package: (Includes everything from the Deluxe Package plus) Pre-ceremony coverage of the child and family getting ready, complete two camera coverage of the ceremony and reception, interviews with all the guests (who want to be interviewed), up to 8 hours of coverage.

Platinum Plus Package: Includes everything from the Platinum Package plus) A (up to 10 minute) presentation video will be played at the reception and projected on a big 6 x 8 screen that will include baby pictures of your child, family and friends.

Package SKU Price
Mitzvah Videography Basic Package (up to 6 Hours of coverage) VMB 1000.00
Mitzvah Videography Silver Package (up to 6 Hours of coverage) VMS 1700.00
Mitzvah Videography Gold Package (up to 6 Hours of coverage) VMG 2200.00
Mitzvah Videography Platinum Package (up to 8 Hours of coverage) VMP 2700.00
Mitzvah Videography Platinum Plus Package (up to 8 Hours of coverage) VMPP 3500.00
Add On Options SKU Price
Extra DVD Copies ( Presented in a soft case with a custom label) VEXDVD 35.00
Photos From Your Video (Take any frame of your video and make a picture from it (all sizes up to 5 x 7 size) VPFV 25.00
Extra Copies Of Photos From Your Video Footage VECP 10.00
Photo Retouching (Retouch up to 10 of your pictures that are faded or torn for use in the video) VPR 25.00
Photo Montage Includes up to 25 pictures with music and custom graphics. VPM 250.00
Highlights Recap (The highlights of your Bar / Bat Mitzvah video and condense them into a 5 minute highlight reel.) VHR 250.00
Extra Videographer for the Ceremony (Add an extra camera to your ceremony for more complete coverage) VEV 300.00
Bar / Bat Mitzvah Pre-Ceremony (1 Videographer will come to 1 location prior to the ceremony) VPCC 200.00
Rehearsal Dinner (Video footage of the entire rehearsal dinner) VRD 200.00
Photo Montage for your Cocktail Hour (We create a montage from your photos and present this on a 32" LCD TV during your cocktail hour.) VPMCH 250.00
Photo Montage for your Reception (For an existing montage, show your montage on a 100 inch screen at your reception.) VPMR 250.00
Video Memories  Allow all your guests the opportunity to leave you a special message on your video. VVM 100.00
Bar / Bat Mitzvah Recap for Web (This is converting your existing recap and posting your recap online) VVRO 150.00
Special Wishes (Pre-record special wishes and thoughtful words for the finished video) VSW 100.00



Music Videos

Are you interested in promoting yourself or your band with a professionally recorded and edited video? Do you need a Demo Video or maybe a video of you performing live? Atlantic Coast Entertainment
produces high quality and reasonably priced music videos.  We offer multi-camera angle shoots, complete digital video and digital audio editing. We will work with you to help you bring your vision to life.

Creating your Music Video, which can be as simple or complex as you wish depending upon your individual concept and your budget, can be a big boost for your bottom line and get your name out there. A simple multi-camera DVD Music Demo can be produced for $1500 or less.  A Live Performance Video can be produced as well as a Professional MTV Style Music Video.

Turn your dreams into reality with a Professionally produced and edited digital example of your talent. Give our office a call at 860-448-3548 and tell us how we can help you with your next project.


School Production

We can produce a variety of video productions for the school market. From school dances to homecoming which generate revenue for the school far more than any bake sale. We have produced many graduation videos for individual students as well as an entire school "End Of The Year" video all with photos montages and unique music beds. Try enhancing the video with interviews of teachers and / or students and a recap of the years activities including field trips, special performances and of the graduation day itself.

We also offer professional video taping services and editing for your school Plays, Music and Dance Recitals, Chorus, Prom, Band Competitions, Cheerleading Competitions and all your Schools Teams and Sporting Events. Give our office a call at 860-448-3548 and tell us how we can help you generate revenue for your school and preserve the present for the future.


Transfer Services

Transferring all your videos taped on VHS to DVD. Protect your family footage for future generations. them to DVD.

Photo Transfer: Pricing is determined by the number of photos that you require to be transferred. Our basic price is $100.00 for the first 20 photos. Each additional photo is $2.00.
Transfer VHS to DVD: Price is based on length of film you have. We will determine the number of feet of film before processing. Every transfer includes film repair if needed. full editing and custom music suited to the activity on screen.  The music we choose will reflect the actual scene.  We also include an opening title sequence, professional quality DVDs and custom DVD labeling.

Transfer 35mm Slides To Digital: Price is determined on the amount and condition of the slides being transferred. Each additional slide is $1.00.
Transfer Other Types Of Media To Digital: Pricing is based on length and type of film you have. We will determine the length of video before processing. Every transfer includes film repair if needed.
Custom Video Editing: Custom video editing is also available. Pricing is based on length of the video you have and the complexity of the edit required. We will determine the length of the video before processing. Music beds can be included in the edited video as well as photo montages, slideshows, individual chapters, titling, and a menu. Each finished video comes on a Professional quality DVD and is complete with a custom DVD label.


Transfer Prices SKU Price
Transfer Photograph to Digital (For the first 20 photos) TP 100.00 (2.00 each additional photo)
Transfer VHS to DVD TV Call For Pricing
Transfer 35mm Slides to Digital (For the first 50 slides) TS 100.00 (1.00 each additional slide)
Transfer Other Types of Media to Digital TOM Call For Pricing
Custom Editing or Re-Editing of Transferred Video CETV Call For Pricing


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