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Make sure your next party or celebration is extra special...just add Karaoke and  you've got it covered... 

Atlantic Coast Entertainment's Karaoke is a perfect addition to any event... The fun never stops... and you and your guests are the show! 


Key Benefits

  • Lots of Fun

  • Added Excitement

  • Instant Atmosphere

  • Current Artists

  • Professional Sound System 

  • Wireless Microphones


Our basic karaoke system is perfect for when you want to have some karaoke, but you don't want it to be the complete focus of your event.  A few songs here and there by a few of your guests and that's it?  This is the set-up you want.  With over 9,000 titles in our karaoke library, you're sure to find just the song you're looking for. 



Deluxe VocoPro Pro Singer System 

With our VocoPro Karaoke System, you'll sound like the star!  With a professional vocal mixer, special effects like echo and reverb, and state-of-the-art wireless microphones, we have all the tools to take your karaoke performance to the next level.  Of course, with over 9,000 titles in our karaoke library, you're sure to find just the song you're looking for.  

Vocopro Karaoke Mixer

Professional KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with DSP Key Control and Crossfader/Video Toggle
World's first KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with Crossfader/Video Select Toggle is now here!
Seamless video cues are often as important nowadays to a KJ, DJ or a VJ gig as a good crossfade, and VocoPro responded to this need by developing the latest in our KJ Mixer series. We are proud to present the KJ-7800 PRO, the World's First KJ, DJ and VJ Mixer with a Video Select Toggle and Crossfader in one. We've kept the great features of our popular KJ PRO mixers but made this one more versatile than ever! Finally, the multitasking KJ, DJ or VJ won't have to worry about switching a video toggle while cueing a track, because this replaceable, professional quality crossfader will do it for you automatically! The other things that made VocoPro the biggest name in Karaoke are still included, like our famous Digital Echo for each mic channel, 11-step Key Control, Vocal Partner or Cancel for use with Multiplex media, and a 5-band Graphic EQ to ensure your set sounds top-notch. We've also added the sought-after Vocal Eliminator to partially or completely remove lead vocals from standard recordings. That will allow you to turn any CD into a Karaoke CD and expand every DJ's remixing potential! For the serious KJ, DJ or VJ, the rackmountable KJ-7800 PRO is the obvious choice.
Professional grade KJ, DJ and VJ mixer with Video Select Toggle/Crossfader
19" rack mountable, requiring only 6 spaces
7 input options; 4 Mics each with XLR/Phono, and 3 switchable AV/Phono/CD inputs, including a pair with line input option
4 Mic Insert Loops for 1/4" connection of external stereo effects
3 video inputs and 3 outputs for multi-screen video options
Assignable 11-step Digital Key Controller with 1/2 tone increments per step and Remote Key Control option
Professional Digital Echo for each Mic channel with master Repeat and Delay and Level controls
Vocal Cancel and Vocal Partner for use with Multiplex CDs
Vocal Eliminator can remove lead vocals from standard recordings
Talkover function with automatic mode, headphone jack with Level control and 12V DJ lamp jack for professional production
5-Band Graphic Equalizer for best fidelity and precision tuning
Booth Phono Outputs, Balanced XLR or Unbalanced RCA Master Outputs, Auxiliary AV and Record Outputs



Description SKU # Price
Karaoke with over 9000 Titles with Mini Karaoke System Karaoke-1 125.00
Karaoke with over 9000 Titles / TV Monitor and Stand or LCD Projector with 4 x 5 Screen / (2) Wireless Mics Karaoke-2 250.00
Ultimate Karaoke with over 9000 Titles / TV Monitor and Stand and LCD Projector with 6 x 8 Screen / (3) Wireless Mics / Voco Pro Professional Karaoke Mixer (with Echo, Reverb, Flange, and other Special Effects) Karaoke-3 350.00


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