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Something For Everyone...

You don't just want to sit there, wondering if anything will happen!  You want to get down and dirty!  You want to make sure your friends have more fun than they can handle!  We have the PERFECT games for just about everyone!  Whether you and your friends are Sports Fanatics, and nothing gets you going like the thrill of physical competition, or you're Cerebral Giants, and you want to test their Trivia skills, we've got JUST the games to get you fired up!





Lip Sync.
Act out your favorite songs on stage alone or with groups of friends. Contestants pretend to sing along to their favorite songs. The most effective and dramatic players win.

Bubble Wrap Ninja:
Two teams go head to head. The first two contestents are blindfolded and must walk across the rice paper barefoot (a.k.a. bubble wrap) without making a sound. If they pop they must get back in line and try again. The first team to finish wins.







Balloon Stomp aka A.C.E.'s Most EXTREME Balloon Elimination Challenge:
This is a very high energy game. Everybody gets a balloon which they attach to their ankle with a string. The object of the game is to pop other peoples balloons while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged areas. You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must freeze. Suggested Music: Get Ready For This, Sandstorm, Blade, or any other High Energy Song!

Balloon Pass #1:
Teams are made, two lines facing each other for each team. 1st two people put balloons between them where ever the DJ calls, i.e.: hips, shoulders, stomach and they hold the balloon at between that point on their bodies and go to the end of the line where the balloon is passed back to the head of the line and the next couple go.

Balloon Pass #2:
For this fast and fun game, you make long lines of people. For example, three lines of ten people each. The first person in line passes a balloon over their head to the person behind them, who in turn passes the balloon between their legs to the person behind them, who passes the balloon over their head and so on. When the balloon gets to the end of the line, that person runs to the front of the line and it starts all over. The line that gets the starting person all the way to the back wins!

Balloon Pop:
Four people per team, two poppers and two blowers. The object is simple, two people blow up the balloons and two people pop them. But they must be popped by holding the balloon between the two people and not using the hands.







Stuff It:
For this game you need teams of three or four. One person wears the Stuff It™ shirt and is the "stuffee" while the others on their team are the "stuffers." The "stuffee" puts on an oversized t-shirt (the Sutff It™ shirt), the "stuffers" are given balloons to blow up as fast as they can and stuff them in the shirt of the "stuffee." When the time is up, a parent helps count the balloons in the shirts by popping them through the shirt. The team with the most balloons under the shirt in a given time wins!







Hula Hoops
There are many ways to use Hula Hoops, one of the best is to make big circles of people, have them hold hands, put the hoop between them, play a fast song, then, the hoop must be passed around the circle without breaking the hands. When the music stops, whoever has the hoop around them, is out. This continues until there is only one person left.





Musical Chairs:
Contestants bring their chairs to the dance floor placing them back to back in a singe row, minus one chair. Music begins, people dance around the chairs, and when the music stops, everyone tries to sit in a chair. Each time the music is started, one chair is removed. The last one with a seat wins.

Musical Men / Women:
Have as many men or women sit on chairs in a circle. Then, have 1 less person going around the circle as people that are sitting. When the music stops, all must find a lap to sit on, the odd person is out, Remove 1 Chair and continue. The last couple wins!

Human Musical Chairs:
Have as many men or women kneeling with one knee up. Then, have 1 less person going around the circle as people that are kneeling. When the music stops, all must find a knee to sit on, the
odd person is out, Remove 1 Person/Chair and continue. The last couple wins!

Unwrap the Gift:
A gift is wrapped over and over and over with paper and tape and more tape. Players roll fuzzy dice until they get doubles, when they do they go in the middle and put on big gloves, hat, shirt or whatever and try to unwrap the gift. While this is happening, other players are still rolling the dice so when the next person gets doubles, they go to the middle and have to put on all the stuff and try to open the gift. The person who gets the gift, wins!

Long Balloon Pass:
Have everyone get into a circle. Use a long balloon and have guests pass it around the circle between their legs and not using their hands. When the music stops, who ever is touching / in control of the balloon is out, Suggested music: Can't Touch This.

Pass and Guess:
This is a good game for the dinner hour. A jar is filled with Jelly Beans and is passed around the table. Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and their name. They then hand it to the DJ. The person who gets the closest wins the jar and beans!

Human Ring Toss:
This high energy game can be done many times to get everyone involved. It takes 6 teams of two, one person wears a hat with a point on it and is the catcher, the other is the tosser. It is a simple game, the first team to catch 4 rings wins!




Marshmallow Sculpting:
Each team is given a bag of marshmallows and tooth picks. The object is to make something as a team in a certain amount of time. You can spice this up by making it a theme, i.e. Football, Horses, work related, etc...

Marshmallow Run:
This is a team game. Each person has a straw, they need to suck up 1 marshmallow and carry it across the dance floor and put it into a glass and run back and slap the hand of the next person in line. 1st team to get one marshmallow for each player wins. Suggested Music: Rock 'n Roll Part 2






Mummy or Present Wrap:
1 person is the wrappie and 2 or 3 are the wrappers. Two rolls of toilet paper are used. Wrappers run around and wrap the wrappie. At the Mitzvah, you can also include bows, ribbons, garland or whatever. Suggested Music: Monster Mash








We all know how limbo is done. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser and you can have a girl and guy winner. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time. Suggested Music: Limbo Rock, Hot, Hot, Hot or other Island Music. 

Huggy Bear:
Everyone is on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the people must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group of that number is out. Everyone can play this, young and old!







Trike Races:
This is a very fast and upbeat activity. Two tricycles are used with teams of how ever many you want. The object is to ride around the mapped out track from beginning to end and then switch off with the next team member. Before taking off on trikes, contestants must put on "Special Safety Clothes". Any number of people can do this game. 






Coke and Pepsi:
This is a popular game because everyone old and young can play. Two lines across the dance floor, 1 Coke and 1 Pepsi. When one name is called that side runs to the other side and sits on the knee of their partner. Last ones there are out. You can mix this game up by using other names and other things to do, i.e. call out Seven-Up and Both Lines run to the middle and high 5 their partner, say Long John Silvers and everyone Crab walks from one side of the floor to the other, or you can call out the name of the guest of honor and everyone points at them and yells out "YOU ARE THE GREATEST!"

Bagel, Lox, and Cream Cheese:
A totally edible game!!! Each child finds a partner and stands in a line facing each other an arms length away. When the DJ calls out Bagel, each team member places his/her right hand on the others left shoulder. When the DJ calls out Lox, the team turns back to back and lock arms togther. When the DJ calls out cream cheese, one member sits on the other member's knee as in Coke n Pepsi. Then the DJ calls out a series of commands and the last group to do all commands in order is eliminated. (ie... "bagel, bagel, lox, cream cheese")

Freeze Dance:
Play a fast song and when the music stops, all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people what to do like put your hands in the air will add spice to the contest.





Walla Balla:
Put on the Walla Balla and try to make as many baskets as possible in a given time. The Walla Balla consists of three little baskets that are numbered each with different point values. In order to score points in the basket the player must move anyway they can to get the ball in the net without using their hands. This can be done with as many people as you want. Or Walla Balla (to the music “Shake Your Booty” by KC and the Sunshine Band) - Up to sixteen people, four players at a time strap on a Walla Balla belt. The object of the game is to move your hips and body (no hands allowed) and swing the ball, that's hanging from the end of the string, into one of the 3 baskets. (Three minute time limit.) First to get their ball in wins that round. The winners of each round get a chance to be in the playoff against the other winners.







Egg / Water Balloon Toss:
This game has been done for years and years. It takes two lines of people evenly numbered. They toss the egg and catch it. Each time a step backward is taken. They get farther and farther apart. The last team wins. This is a game that must be done outside. You can also use water balloons.







Another Classic. This game is great for young and old as well. All you need is one long piece of rope and strong people. This can be spiced up by making the teams do it backwards. This also should be played outdoors.

Scavenger Hunt:
 You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with a chair. Everyone must sit. The MC calls something out like a "MasterCard". The players run to find one. While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn't have a seat is out. This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.

Human Puzzle:
This game takes two people. Each person has one puzzle put on their wrists. The puzzles are inner joined. The object is to get separated without taking the puzzles off your wrists! Lots of Fun! One of the most requested games.

Snowball Dance:
This starts with one couple dancing in the center of the floor with all other guests surrounding them. After 15 seconds the DJ says "Snowball" and each person finds a new partner, adding to the amount of dancing couples. This process continues until the dance floor is filled.

Hip Hop Potato:
This is an updated version of the classic "Hot Potato" game.







Pin Head:
The object of this game is for players to attach as many clothespins to their bodies as possible in the time allowed.








Conga Line:
Traditional favorite festive music is played, at which time everyone is asked to form a line directly behind the guest of honor and dance around the room. Some music examples are "Party Train," "Conga," and "Hot Hot Hot."

Pick Your Cinderella:
All the girls take one shoe off. All shoes are placed in a bag on the dance floor. All the boys then go to the bag and select one shoe each. After this has been done the person then finds the owner of the shoe and the two of them dance to a slow song.

Pick Your Cinderfella:
All the guys take one shoe off. All shoes are placed in a bag on the dance floor. All the girls then go to the bag and select one shoe each. After this has been done the person then finds the owner of the shoe and the two of them dance to a slow song.

Singled Out.
This is a game to see which of your friends know you the best. Questions are based on your hobbies, interests, lifestyle, things you like to do, places to go, etc. You narrow the contestants to five finalists by answering questions correctly.  Then the guest of honor is seated across the dance floor from their friends with his or her back to them. The 5 finalists take one step toward the guest of honor for each correct answer. The finalist who reaches the guest of honor wins.  The guest of honor then trys to guess who knows them best.

Battle Of The Sexes American Idol Sing Off.
This is a sing along contest with the girls versus guys. A popular song begins and one group takes the microphone and passes it around as they sing a few verses of song. The 2nd group goes next. Each group goes 3 times. Best group to sing receives higher score & wins.

Circle of Fortune or Misfortune:
Great to get all kids slow dancing with each other. The boys are in the middle, facing out, in a circle. The girls surround the boys in a circle. One fast song is played to "march" to and the boys go clockwise and the girls go counter clockwise. The DJ stops the fast song and mixes in a slow song, whom ever they are facing, they dance with that person for about a quarter or half the song. Then the fast song is played and they do it all over again.

Simon Says or DJ Says:
All the kids line up and face Simon. They are asked to do what Simon asks them to and continue todo it until Simon Says to Stop. They cannot do anything unless Simon Says...if they do they are out. Dj Says is just like Simon Says...  "DJ Says"...

Say What Karaoke:
Several groups compete at lip syncing and performing to a song against each other. There is a Sing Off between the 2 best groups where they compete against each other to the same two songs!

A scavenger hunt played with chairs.  Everyone gets a chair at first.  The caller tells them to go off and find something and takes a few chairs at the same time.  The kids have to get the item and find a seat.  
Each time they go to search for an item one chair is removed (like musical chairs). Who ever is the last one with a seat wins.

Trunk of Mystery:
Two to Three teams compete against one another in a fast paced dash and dress challenge. Teams line up and a Song starts to play. The first person from each team runs to the chest and dresses as close as they can to the song that is playing. The crowd votes on who is the best dressed for each song and a point is awarded to that team. The team with the most points wins.

Up to four  teams can play. Each team runs to and writes on a dry erase board their answers to their selected category. (like name as many candy bars, breakfast cereals, team sports, movies etc as you can and the team with the highest score wins!

All About...The Guest of Honor (We use your name calling it "All About David" or what ever your name is).
the cocktail party version of singled out. Write out in advance 25 – 30 trivia facts about you from favorites to your dog’s name, the number of times or years you participated in something, ... anything about your interests in life or  favorites of any category! We create 5-8 groups of your friends. The group with more correct answers wins!

Music Challenge:
Contestants compete several musical challenges like singing a song with a particular word in it , singing a particular song or one by a certain recording artist, continue to sing a song when the music stops, to sing a song on a particular topic or theme, or guess the song based on a snippet played.

Lip Service:
Several groups compete at lip-syncing a bunch of songs against each other. Game judged on lip sync ability and style.

Dance Challenge Champion:
Contestants dance to various types of song like they should (I.E. the twist, the electric slide, ...etc.) Judges tap dancers who are not dancing correctly to the song that is playing until one final contestant is declared Dance Challenge Champion!

Drivers Ed:
The first team to direct their remote control car to the finish line while blindfolded...wins!

Name That Tune:
Divide kids into equal amounts & kids stand at different adult tables, first table w/3 songs right wins - kids at tables are routers & runners for that table - one runner per table per song).

Battle Of The Tables:
play a song & pause it, challenge is for that table to continue singing the song.

All kinds of trivia from Trivial Pursuit.

Jenga Truth or Dare:
Balance a wooden tower and truth or dare at the same time.

A new twist on the old rock, paper, scissors game.  How fast can you become a Supreme being?

Snowball Dance :
The guest of honor begins dancing with a partner of their choosing, when DJ  calls out "Snowball" they split and each choose a new partners.  This continues until most everyone is dancing.

Hula-Hoop Contest:  
Who can Hula-Hoop the longest?

How low can you go?

Jump Rope Contest:
How long can you jump?

Using a hula-hoop everyone holds hands in a circle and has to pass the hula-hoop around their bodies without letting go.  When the music stops the person with the hula-hoop around their body is out.

A Charades game with a timer.  Two teams, each team picks an actor.  The actors mime four different words within a minute’s time.  Each word is a point.  When everyone has had a chance to be the "actor", the team with the most points wins.

Human bridge:  
Game of physical skill.  Everyone sits on a chair in a tight circle, all-facing clockwise.  Everyone slowly lies down on the knees of the person behind him or her.  One by one we take away the chairs until we have no chairs left.

A scavenger hunt played with chairs.  Everyone gets a chair at first.  The caller tells them to go off and find something and takes a few chairs at the same time.  The kids have to get the item and find a seat.  Who ever is the last one with a seat wins.

Fear Factor Live:
This game is great for anytime of the party but is best during dinner where adults can see the action.  3 teams are created to participate in some "creative" stunts and or challenges that will discover if "fear" is a "factor" for the guests.

Indoor Volley Ball:
A volley ball game with a long net set up on the dance floor, using a large beach ball instead of a hard volley ball. Hilarious activity, good for all ages.

Chicken Pops:
Make some beaks out of party hats with a pin at the end. Then take a Balloon Bouquet of about 20 balloons for each team and place at one end of the room. Next, have the teams at the other end, when you say go, they have to walk like a chicken to the balloons and "peck" out a balloon and then return. Then the next player on the team does the same. This continues until all of the teams balloons are popped. If a player pops more than one balloon, they get a penalty point for each additional balloon they pop. The team that finishes first and has the fewest penalty points wins.

Balloon Soccer:
Two goalies sit at opposite corners of the room in a chair. Both goalies have pushpins that will pop balloons. The rest of the group is divided into two teams. To begin, drop some (as many as you want) air-inflated balloons in the center of the room. Each team tries to get the balloons to its goalie, by kicking them. They may never touch a balloon with their hands. The goalie who gets a balloon and pops it scores a point for the team. The goalie must remain seated and cannot leave the chair to catch and pop a balloon. The team that pops the most balloons wins.

Balloonacide is a great game, but it requires lots of room and lots of balloons. For a 30 second game you'll need about 10 balloons for each player. To play, divide the players evenly into teams and assign a balloon color to each team. Then scatter an even number of different colors of balloons around the room. Have the players take off there shoes and start playing the music. The players have to stomp their color of balloons to pop them. After 30 seconds, stop the music, and count up the remaining balloons. Whichever team has the fewest balloons left of their color wins.

Teams of 5 people each, form a line on one side of the dance floor. On the opposite side for each team there are 21 large plastic or Styrofoam cups. In the middle of the dance floor, taped in front of each team is an “X.” One at a time, a player from each team races to their cups, carries one to the “X” and forms a pyramid (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). When a player has placed their cup, they go to the end of their line and the next player does the same thing. If the pyramid falls down during the building process, the team member on the dance floor has to set up the whole thing before their team can proceed. The team that finishes their pyramid first, wins.

Dance Contests: (Twist, Shag, Jitterbug, Free Style, Etc., Single Contestants, Couples) -
Contestants dance in the middle of a large circle formed by everyone in attendance. Once the music starts, contestants can be eliminated by "tapping out" the majority and narrowing the competition down to a few finalists. These finalists have a dance-off and the judges (everyone in the circle) choose the winner(s) by making noise for their favorite contestant as the DJ places his hand over the contestant's head.

Sit On It! The Balloon Pump Game:
Two to four teams are formed with five to ten players on each team. A bellows pump with a balloon attached to the hose is placed on a sturdy chair for each team. One team member will hold the back of the chair, and another will hold the balloon to the end of the bellows pump. The race begins with one person at a time sitting on the bellows pump. The object is to blow up and pop the balloon. Teams move rapidly, members sitting and changing off. First team to pop the balloon, by blowing it up with the bellows wins.

Pass the Orange:
Teams are made to stand in lines, (boy/girl/boy/girl) positioned so they are most visible to the audience. The first person in line gets an orange and holds it in place either between his shoulder and head or chin and neck. Once in place, the orange may not be touched by anyone's hands. On signal, the orange is passed down the line from team member to team member. If it drops, it can be picked up, repositioned, and play continues again without using any hands. The team to first pass their orange to the end of the line, wins.

Toothpick Lifesaver Pass:
Teams are made to stand in lines, (boy/girl/boy/girl) positioned so they are most visible to the audience. Everyone is given a toothpick. The first person in line receives a lifesaver candy and places it on his toothpick which he holds in his mouth. On signal, the lifesaver is passed from team member to team member, toothpick to toothpick. No hands are allowed. If the lifesaver drops, a new one is supplied and play continues. The first team to pass their lifesaver to the last person in line wins.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest:
Each contestant is instructed to get two assistants and come forward. The contestants are handed a new T-shirt that has been folded like a brick and frozen solid. (The shirts are quite stiff, but not like a block of ice.) On signal each team must do whatever it takes to thaw out their shirt  by sitting on it, throwing it on the ground, hugging it, etc. The first contestant to put their shirt on wins.

Penny For Your Thoughts:
There are 2 teams with 10 or 12 people
on each team. A penny is placed between 2 of the team members foreheads and they must walk to the other side of the dance floor
and drop their penny into a shot glass. If they miss they must do it all over again. First team to get all their team members through is the winner.

Silent Ball:
You need a Nerf ball or very soft ball. Students stand on floor and toss the ball around. If they talk, they are "out" and must sit down. If they drop the ball, throw it so it is uncatchable, or interfere with a throw or a catch, they are out and must sit down. If they drop a catchable ball, they are also out.  If the ball is dropped, the person who dropped it is the ONLY person who can go and get  the ball. The last person left is the winner.

Cool Add-Ons...

Music Videos:
Watch your favorite MTV / BET music videos on a HUGE 6 x 8, 10x12, 0r 12x 14 ft video screen

Choose from over 10000 song titles from the classics to the top hits of today.


Music / TV / Movie Trivia:
Using the game show concept, this game involves two teams that compete against each other to correctly answer trivia questions for points.

To have more fun add our Game Show Lock Out Box or Face Off Podium to your party!


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