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We Are Always Looking For Disc Jockeys, Photographers and Videographers!

Since Atlantic Coast Entertainment moved to their NEW LOCATION at 524 Long Hill Road, the demand for High-Quality Entertainment has skyrocketed.  We're looking for new talent to join the Atlantic Coast Team!  If you want to join the fast-paced world of Mobile DJ Entertainment, Photography and Video and you have reliable transportation, and have weekends free, then we could be looking for you!  Not everyone can be a Mobile Entertainer / DJ, a Photographer or a Videographer, but Atlantic Coast Entertainment is willing to help the right individuals get the skills required.  Experience and equipment are helpful, but not always necessary.  Fill Out the Online Application at the bottom of this page for the fastest way to get your information to us. Or feel free to stop by our office any time during our normal business hours, 10AM - 4PM Monday through Thursday or 10AM - 1PM on Fridays, and fill out an application or give us a call at 860-448-3548 and we'll set up an appointment for you.

No Experience?...Learn To Be A Mobile Disc Jockey, Photographer or Videographer

Opportunities with Atlantic Coast Entertainment

Atlantic Coast Entertainment provides everything you need to be a Professional Entertainer, Photographer or Videographer. Equipment and knowledge will be provided to QUALIFIED individuals. Equipment and experience are helpful but not required. Call us today for an appointment to discuss a possible future with our fun and growing organization. Full and Part time positions are always available.

Not sure if you are cut out for this line of work?...Try an Internship!

An internship with Atlantic Coast Entertainment provides everything you need to determine if this is a career choice that is right for you, before you commit to a paid position. You can try a Internship for a Professional DJ Entertainer, Photographer or Videographer, that can work into a guaranteed paid position with the company. You may choose to become a paid Freelancer instead of a employee of Atlantic Coast Entertainment. The choice is up to you. Part time positions are always available.


So you want to be a DJ?

Mobile DJing is Different...

Atlantic Coast Entertainment has grown to become one of the nation’s largest mobile DJ services because of our focus on customer service.  A good entertainer focuses on a client’s concerns and wishes. The bulk of our business is weddings.  We also play quite a few school dances, reunions, and company parties.  DJing these events is nothing like DJing at a club or a radio station.  It involves not only a good mix of music, but the interaction of the DJ with the group and an ability to read the crowd. Sometimes the entertainers will actually come to the dance floor and help get the guests involved in the fun with line dances, games and interactive "icebreakers", depending on the type of event.

We are looking for “Professional Party People"

Our job is fun because we are always at a party. A professional party entertainer likes music and dancing and realizes the although our job is fun, it is after all a job. We must be professional at all times while at an event, which in turn generates more business, more referrals and requests  for our entertainers. Before joining Atlantic Coast Entertainment, a few of our entertainers had never DJed before. They did not have a great knowledge of music, or were  technically challenged regarding the setup and use of disc jockey equipment. But they all had the two necessary things needed to be successful in our business...Desire and Reliability. YOU MUST BE RELIABLE!

A part-time weekend and evenings type job...

If you are looking for fun and excitement and extra income on the weekends or in the evenings a few nights a week, this might be a good  choice for you. Many of our DJs find that after building a clientele, that their part-time DJ Job actually pulls in more as much if not more money that their full time regular job.  There are times during the year when we are not very busy, but most DJs work an average of once a week throughout most the year.  Some DJs want as much work as we can give them and others wish to be scheduled less often.

No Skills?

If you are a working DJ and even if you are not, we can, if necessary,  provide you with all the skills, equipment, and music to be able to excel as a Professional Mobile Entertainer.  If you show the desire we require, you MAY be sent on a few "Ride Alongs" with working Expert Atlantic Coast Entertainment DJs to make sure that this field of endeavor is what you are looking for and you are up to the challenge. Certain individuals who show promise will then receive paid training as they advance.


Honestly...your not going to get RICH during your training period. But the good thing is, if you are a fast learner, you will move into the field faster. Once you are a working Disc Jockey Entertainer, the Sky is the limit! Work a little or work a lot, it's up to you. Besides getting paid for the event that you do, all overtime and tips goes to you as well! AND...IT GETS EVEN BETTER!...There are also request fees & finders fees paid to the DJs for being specifically requested on events or for bringing in events and of course there are bonuses, incentives, and raises based on your performance.


Can I be a Photographer, Photo Editor, Videographer or Video Editor?

I like Photography or Videography but it's just a hobby...

Everyone has to start out someplace and turning your hobby into a part-time or full-time career doesn't necessarily have to be JUST a dream. We at Atlantic Coast Entertainment can help make it a reality! Our Photographers and Videographers all have one thing in common...PASSION! They  love what they do! If you are passionate about Photography or Videography we could be looking for you. We also offer internships for individuals whose college curriculum require it.

We are looking for Individuals who strive for excellence.

The number one thing needed to be successful in our business...reliability. YOU MUST BE RELIABLE!

This is a part-time weekend and evenings type of job...

If you are looking for fun and excitement and extra income on the weekends or in the evenings a few nights a week, this might be a good choice for you. Many of our photographers and videographers find that this part-time job actually pulls in more money that their full time regular job.  There are times during the year when we are not very busy, but most photographers and videographers work an average of once a week throughout the year.  Some photographers and videographers want as much work as we can give them and others wish to be scheduled less often ... it's a  perfect relationship.

Not just anyone can become a mobile Disc Jockey, Photographer or Videographer!

The basic requirements for being considered to work with Atlantic Coast Entertainment are:

  1. You must be Reliable.

  2. You must be able to Work By Yourself.

  3. You must be very enthusiastic.

  4. You must be well organized.

  5. You must enjoy working with groups of people of all ages.

  6. You must have a sense of humor.

  7. You must be neat in appearance, not be afraid of dressing professional and even wearing whatever the client requires you to wear which in most cases is a tuxedo to most formal events.

  8. You must like music, people and a party atmosphere.

  9. You must be available on a Monday or Tuesday Evening between 6:30PM and 8:30PM (for our weekly meetings where you find out what events are taking place that week,  get your event assignments if you are required to work, and find out about the latest music, equipment, lighting, and skills needed to perform at the highest level ).

  10. You must be available Friday Nights, Saturdays, Saturday Nights, Sundays and Sunday Nights.

  11. You must have a Valid Drivers License.

  12. You must have your own car, truck, van  or  other "reliable" vehicle, properly registered and insured.

  13. You must be able to lift and sometimes carry equipment in excess of 80 lbs.

  14. You must be willing to submit to a drug test.

 If you answered "YES" to ALL these questions then we would like to hear from you!


Online Application for Employment

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