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Key Benefits

  • Professional Appearance
  • Professional Attitude
  • Professional Sound System 
  • *Deluxe Package also includes full Professional Computerized Lightshow
  • *Deluxe Package also includes Special Effects (like Bubbles, Smoke, & Haze)


Description SKU # Price
Video Dance Party / DVD Music Videos / Video Projector / BIG 4' x 5' Screen Video Party-1 350.00
Video Dance Party / DVD Music Videos / Video Projector / BIG 6' x 8' Screen Video Party-2 550.00
Video Dance Party / Drape Kit for BIG 6' x 8' Screen Video Party-3 100.00
Game Show / Lock Out Box  for 4 Contestants GameShow 125.00
Game Show / Face Off Podium (Family Feud Style) GameShow 250.00
Karaoke with over 10000 Titles with Mini Karaoke System Karaoke-1 125.00
Karaoke with over 10000 Titles / TV Monitor and Stand or LCD Projector with 4 x 5 Screen / (2) Wireless Mics Karaoke-2 250.00
Ultimate Karaoke with over 10000 Titles / TV Monitor and Stand and LCD Projector with 6 x 8 Screen / (3) Wireless Mics / Voco Pro Professional Karaoke Mixer (with Echo, Reverb, Flange, and other Special Effects) Karaoke-3 350.00
Bubble Blast (100's of Bubbles Per Minute...Perfect for Picnic's & the Outdoors) BB 250.00
Bubble Machine (Basic Bubble Machine) BM 75.00
Low Level Fog Machine (Low Level Fog for Dancing in the Clouds) LLFM 200.00
Fog Machine (Basic Fog Machine) A Halloween Favorite! FM 75.00
Snow Machine (Great Effect for Anytime  of the Year) SM 200.00
Black Lighting (4 Foot Florescent Black Light Lighting Great for 70's Theme Party or Halloween...Very Bright!) BL 150.00
Disco Ball With Stand (Great For Traditional Disco StyleTheme Parties!...Groovy Baby...Yeah!) DB 150.00
Rave Lighting Package (The Ultimate Lighting Package...Can be booked only once per day and or night) Rave-1 500.00
*Disco Days Party Pack "Giveaways" DDPP-25 150.00
*Fiesta Party Pack "Giveaways" FPP-25 200.00
*Mardi Gras Party Pack "Giveaways" MGPP-25 250.00

**Please note we have many more party pack items to choose from. Please call our office if you're planning a special event or themed party that needs specific items.**




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