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Choosing Your DJ

How big of a role does an entertainer play in the success of your wedding party? Certainly a much larger role than many would think. A DJ doesn't just provide background music, announcements and lighting for your party. The right entertainer sets the mood of the entire evening, bringing energy and atmosphere into your reception. The following are questions you should ask yourself before booking your entertainment. These could make the difference between a mediocre reception and a truly memorable evening.

Does your prospective entertainer have professional equipment? While an entertainer’s gear isn’t their most important asset, the DJ’s setup should speak to the present ability of the performer. Think about it. Do you really want your main entertainment to show up carrying a boom box, iPod and set of consumer speakers? Of course not. A professional entertainer will be equipped with powered speakers, mixing board, wireless microphones (which are always tested to ensure a successful toast) and a light show to energize your dance floor. More importantly, however is that the right entertainer will possess the know-how to make it all work. A professional entertainer will fit seamlessly into your reception because their choice of music, MC skills, and attention to detail will accentuate your perfect day without being intrusive or overbearing. Read More >>

Picture Perfect

Your Wedding reception is one of the most important days in your life and you should not take choosing the right CT Wedding DJ lightly. With so many Connecticut Wedding DJs to choose from, how do you choose the Wedding DJ that is right for you and your particular wedding reception? The entertainment you choose for your wedding reception can literally make or break your wedding day. You will be the most satisfied with the Connecticut Wedding DJ that understands your own individual style and musical tastes. Your CT Wedding DJ should want nothing more than your complete happiness and satisfaction for choosing the Connecticut Wedding Disc Jockey that ... Read More >>

Movie Magic

Wedding Videography is a very technical affair and while it is a service offered by many, not all Videography is equal in its quality, standards or craft. Much like photography, the order of the day with Videography is capturing every moment possible in a tasteful, artistic manner. With Smartphones and video cameras being available to more than ever, what makes a professional stand out from the crowd of amateur paparazzi? Simply put, it’s their experience, thoughtful shot selection and execution which ensures quality wedding videos when it’s all said and done. A perfect wedding video will bring your day to life each time you watch it, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and reminding you of how special it truly was.

The key to professional Videography is shot setup and execution. Proficient professionals work in teams, with tri-pods and equipment that ensures free roaming video with minimal to no shakiness. We’ve all been on YouTube and seen amateur footage of wedding receptions where the crowd blocks your view or the frame won’t stop moving. Your wedding is more special than that and the right Videography makes you, your wedding party, your family and friends the focus. Additionally, attention to detail and extra touches are what make your video high quality. Establishing shots of your venue, your friends and family during candid moments and your arrival displayed in stunning high definition is what will take your production to the next level. ... Read More >>

How To Enhance Your Picture Perfect Day

Wedding photography has become a huge business, both in CT and nationally. Due to this fact, it can seem overwhelming to pick one professional over another. All professionals have cameras, many are seasoned veterans and the majority will make promises about how they can capture your special day unlike anyone else. Sometimes, what it comes down to is enhancements that separate the amateurs from the professionals. Read More >>

Meeting With Your DJ

Earlier, I mentioned that a DJ's personality is arguably the most valuable thing they can bring to your wedding. In some cases, you may meet your prospective DJ or entertainer at a CT bridal show or expo, but in many cases, you may be searching elsewhere and it is important that in one way or another, you meet with them in person. Why? Your wedding reception is the most important day of your life, and you want to be reminded of that every step of the way. To ensure that, you should feel comfortable with all aspects of your wedding: the venue, the catering, the florists, and the DJs. In many ways, the DJ is your “field general” on the day of your reception. They can make sure that everything stays orderly and simultaneously inject life into your party. You don’t necessarily need to pay top dollar for those skills, but regardless, you should meet with your ...Read More >>

Extra Features For Your Wedding Video

All DVDs come with “extra features” these days, so why not add something extra special to your wedding video? Atlantic Coast Entertainment Videographers are very thorough in their capturing of the day’s events at your reception, but not every wedding is the same, so do you want your wedding video to be just like all the...Read More >>








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